Construction and renovation

Construction and renovation

Renovation of historic sights and works of art

3 generations of sculptors and practice in the restoring industry since 1992 together with the created technological background are the pillars of our company.

Renovation of works of art and historic sights - (stone, plaster, metal: crosses, monuments, sculptors, staircases, fountains)

We provide complete renovation works in the following fields: surveys, cleaning (chemical, micro-abrasive, dry steam, desalination, removal of graffiti   ), biocidal treatment, consolidation, forced grouting, gluing and reinforcing, adding matter and shaping, copies in artificial and natural stone or in motals and artistic bronze. We carry out periodical maintenance of renovated structures.

Repairs of dilapidated historical sights.

Historic  structures, statues, fountains, commemorative crosses, monuments, architectonic elements, columns of crucifixion, chapels, portals, frontages, staircases etc.

  • renovation surveys and plans, laboratory analyses (petrography, salinity, moistness, statigraphy)
  • common maintenance (cleaning, preventive protection etc.)
  • cleaning (micro sand blasting, dry steam, desalination)
  • periodical maintenance, conservation
  • complete renovations, repairs and reconstructions (even for dilapidated structures)
  • disassembly and relocation of structures
  • creation of copies
  • gold and silver coating with golden /silver plates
  • special surface finishes
  • consultations
  • price calculations (including projects for subsidy programs)

METALLIC COMPONENTS (common metals, cast iron, artistic bronze)

Architectonic elements, statues, grids, gates, crosses, attributes etc.

  • surface finishes (grit blasting, metallizing, coating, spraying, gilding with gold plates, chemical patinas etc.)
  • complete repairs and renovations
  • castings in bronze, grey cast iron
  • machine part renovations and smithery


project-design-model-implementation in stone, wood, metal...

  • exterior and interior plastic art and structures
  • fountains
  • designing and creation of plastic elements (portals, fireplaces, partitions, gazebos, ceremonial tables...)
  • sale